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About Griffitts Sports Performance & R3 Fitness

Griffitts Sports Performance and R3 Fitness offer a unique approach to fitness, and world class training here in Fishers, IN to youth through high school athletes, and adults. We believe that getting healthy and reaching your peak performance should be fun and simple. We have a proven track record with results that speak for themselves. Whether you are looking to train with a purpose and reach your potential as an athlete, or simply improve your overall health, this is the place for you.

  • We simply care about our clients and want to do all we can to help them have a positive experience and increased confidence.
  • We pay attention to details and focus on correct form. The details matter. We do not do drills or exercises to just fill in time.
  • We design our youth programs with a purpose. Our adult fitness program works for all fitness levels.
  • We have a focus on prehab and injury prevention exercises to help keep our athletes healthy.
  • We empower our athletes and clients by helping them understand the purpose of the drills and exercises we are asking them to perform which helps lead to better retention and carry over to their perspective sport, and fitness performance.
  • Our R3 certified instructors provide a personal training experience through one-on-on sessions, small group sessions, and group fitness. We provide support through regular accountability meetings, members only resources, and daily tips to help you stay motivated.
  • GSP has trained some of the top combine numbers in recent history, including the fastest 40 (4.19 by Wendall Williams), fastest 10 split (Trey Roberson 1.47), and the fastest O-lineman 40 in the 2016 draft class. 2 of the top L Drill times in the 2017 draft class. Worked with Frank Gore (3rd all time NFL rushing leader) during his time in Indy with the Colts.
  • Our R3 Fitness Instructors and Certified Health Coaches led a community-based program resulting in an average of 14 lbs lost and over 70% improved AC1 and bad cholesterol levels.
  • Although those numbers and results are great, it’s the adults who have improved their health, and hundreds of kids that went from being the slowest on the team to being in the middle of the pack that defines the day-to-day athletes and adults we train. It’s the smiles and confidence we see in them after they have milestones in training accomplishing goals that they previously thought were impossible.

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